Narrative structure


5 Top Styles for Creating Sizzling Starts

1. Begin with action

Five, four, three, two, ONE! The cameras were rolling and I was about to eat a cockroach.

Where are the Billabongs
‘Well you were the one who forgot the can opener.’
‘I said I was sorry, didn’t I? How many more times do I have to say it? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry!’
(Jen’s second novel from long ago, about five multicultural kids lost in the bush and how they have to meld together as a group to survive.)

Angry Birds:

How to Train your Dragon


2. Make the reader curious

The beach house was great, but then my cousins arrived with the bacon, the bricks and wearing their usual beanies.

Shadow Seeker
You try delivering a rat to the presenter of TV’s biggest news program. I took a deep breath, marched across half a hectare of chrome and carpet and placed the brightly wrapped box right in the middle of the receptionist’s desk.
(The sequel to Dreamcatcher where Tess and her Green Guerrilla gang fight to stop a toxic paper mill being built in their town.)

The Pirates of the Caribbean


3. Dialogue

‘It’s just a rat,’ I said, breathing hard.
‘Rats don’t growl,’ said Mike.

The Frogs of Betts
“Professor Betts, Professor Betts!” Marchella, the new young assistant called. “The frogs have arrived!”
(A story about a crazy scientist who hopes to prove the last remaining mystery of the world…)

Batman Lego Movie


4. Humour

Ever cheered for your footy team with a pie in one hand and a drink in the other? Don’t. When that final goal happened, I wore both.

Hairy Thoughts
If it rained for very much longer, even the ducks would drown.
(A girl who can read your thoughts through the ends of your hair… she is soon running a ‘life advice’ hairdresser shop in school.)

How to Train your Dragon 2


5. ‘The Moment of Change’

All was going well on the hike until the heat wave happened. I was hot and sweaty and dying for a swim. Then I saw the river. And the sign: Warning! Crocodiles.

My dad’s allergic to me. No joke. Well no one in our house is laughing, that’s for sure.
(A heart-warming story about a father who gets massive hay fever attacks every time his son walks into the room.)

Finding Nemo