Effective Research

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Effective Research is based on 6 steps:


6 Steps to Effective Research Skills required Resources to support
1. Define the task Do I understand what the task requires me to do?

Tips from the State Library of Victoria: Define your task

Clarify any words I do not know

Visuwords: Online graphical dictionary

Brainstorm my topic

Online brainstorming tools: Coggle or Bubbl.us

2. Locate information  Search techniques

Tips from the State Library:Using keywords

Power searching using Google

3. Select resources  Evaluate sources/websites  CRAP evaluation Google doc
4.  Organise your notes  Notetaking template  See link…to come
Bibliographic generator Scotchbib
5.  Present your ideas  Consider FLAP  See link…to come
Writing frameworks See link…to come
6.  Evaluate your work


Resources to support these steps:

Library Research Tutorial – brilliant university level research tutorial – step by step, easy to follow.

ESC Library Effective research student planner booklet 2016

Effective Research wikispaces – this link takes you to another website with a step by step guide to the research process.

Other useful resources

ESC Library Website evaluation activity 2016 – this activity is based on the Constructivist approach to learning

Question generator

(Source: Mindshift blog)

Note taking template:

Note taking template 1