Multimedia presentations


  • To engage students
  • To have students demonstrate a deep understanding of the text type narrative by creating a multimedia presentation.
  • Multimedia presentations may include; Photostory, iMovie, Animoto or other web 2.0 based application.
  1. Students write a narrative, demonstrating their understanding of the narrative text type.  NOTE: Students must identify all of the components of a narrative.
  2. Students may choose to create a Stopmotion, Claymation film or multimedia presentation of their narrative, or one of the narratives from their team.


Topics – students can choose from the following:

  1. Beginning – students take a concrete example from a text, film or game and recreate it in their own Stop motion, Claymation film or other multimedia presentation.  (see above)
  2. Intermediate – Students recreate a theme or scene from the film to demonstrate the importance of stories in our lives.
  3. Advanced – Students create their own narrative to explain a concept or tell a story.

To get started – example video clips:

Lego stop motion:

The robot and the butterfly:


Slide show introduction

Student planning resources

My grateful thanks to Alecia Eggers for the creation of these wonderful resources.