Oral text types

Debates, lectures, monologue, interview or panel discussion.

6 tips to consider for your audience:

  1.  I will not waste your time
  2. I know who you are
  3. I am well organised
  4. I know my subject
  5. Here is my most important point
  6. I am finished.

While not explicitly ‘saying’ these words – they must be indicated in your speech.

  1.  Get into the topic quickly – everything you say must be relevant to the topic.
  2. Make your audience aware that you know them and their interests/problems.
  3. Tell the audience how your talk is organised.
  4. Let your audience know that you understand your topic.
  5. Present your most important point with a two-part signal:
    1. warn them you are about to make your most important point
    2. let them know this is the most vital point
  6. Signal that you are about to finish.  End on a positive.


  1.  Anecdote
  2. Thoughtful question
  3. Amazing statistic

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