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This blog is a collection of my ideas and resources that I have found most useful for the teaching and learning of Literacy.  As a teacher librarian, author and teacher of LOTE Indonesian, Literacy Coach and school wide Literacy Leader, I have collected a wide range of resources, and this site will hopefully reflect the best of them in an organised manner.

I will endeavour, to the best of my ability, acknowledge the original creators of all resources featured on this blog.  If you see materials that you recognise, and require acknowledgement for, please do not hesistate to leave me a comment, so that the issue can be rectified.


Active Literacy reflects my belief that if students are engaged – they will learn more effectively.

To be engaged, students need to be active, to be able to move, feel and explore their way around new learning, using as many of their senses as they can engage, to construct their own understandings.

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